the portrait photographer


is a team of cinematographer and photographer professionals available to cover corporate photography and film assignments worldwide.

The way we work is stylish, fresh and creative. We work in high quality standards and creating unique visual results to present your brand on a remarkable way.



owner, chief of staff

I founded Arts Illustrated Studios 24 years ago and walked along all the way to make it so lovely. Besides that I am responsible for the wired, emotional and human networks, also work as chief of the photographic & motion film camera operator and post production departments.

According to my grandma it was the coldest day of the century when I was born in St. Petersburg. Later got educated in Hungary and studied the tricks of the trade living and working in the USA. After a shocking love story I stayed in South-America and established Arts Illustrated Studios as a professional still & motion film studio in Argentina shooting commercials, stock footages, portraits and destination weddings for the next seven years.

Life is beautiful,

I am so glad to be part of it. To be able to work and travel together with my wife and soulmate is something I cannot be grateful enough.

With quarter of a century in the visual imaging business I was lucky to photograph and film around the world for Elle, Cosmopolitan, Kérastase, L’Oréal and shot/designed advertisements, CD covers and video clips for internationally renowned artists and brands.

These days cinematography is what moves me the most. The presence of time gives motion films something unique, something I missed from still pictures. I learned that timing is everything when I played in a jazz band as pianist.

With the right music, at the right speed, good footage comes to life and meaningful stories are told. Watching these movies literally takes you out of your everyday life and puts you into a great adventure. I hope to meet you there to give you an everlasting memory.


owner, art director

I am co-owner and art director of Arts Illustrated Studios. We work together with my best friend, love and husband, Csaba to create love stories, portraits and professional corporate films around the world. We built a team of passionate experts, organise, lead and control all the works to keep the same high quality all the time.

After graduating as an economist I worked as a relationship manager in the financial sector for years. Meanwhile I realised that photography is more than a hobby for me.
Photography and film, working with people and using my affinity to art made my life full.
Besides capturing amazing weddings around the world in different cultures I am also responsible for the final imagery and films that Arts Illustrated Studios gives to the clients and I enjoy this challenge a lot.
When I am on the spot as a wedding photographer or cinematographer I love the pleasure and happiness all around and also that I can be part of it. Getting on the same wave with the couple to make them feel free and great on their big day is the most important to me.
During the editing process of both photos and films we attempt to transmit all the the love and emotions of the couple. My favourite part is to lead the editing of our films. The proper cuts with right music and effects can reach an incredible impact. When I get goose bumps during the movie or I see tears dropping, I know it’s all right.
I give thanks to the Universe for Csaba, who showed me the way, teached me all the techniques and sharpened my eye to become a good visual artist.


The passion, commitment and dedication of our team makes us unique and due to this the amazing visual results you will get.



documentary still glamorous style


well organised work


showing real human characters


through candid and set up scenarios

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